App Store Search Ad Results – Developer’s Perspective

App Store Search Ads. Not unlike recent Apple product announcements, this announcement brought mixed emotions. I couldn’t help but remember my results in 2013 with iAd Workbench. Feelings aside, they offered a $100 promotional credit (valid through December 31, 2016). I immediately took advantage of this offer and started my new campaign.

Set Up

The set up process was very simple, already beating iAd Workbench in terms of site responsiveness. Once I provided a credit card (which had to be in the main account holder’s name), I started a new campaign.

6,132 impressions, 505 taps and 54 conversions


For my first attempt, I figured I should keep things simple. I left everything with the default settings, a Default Max CPT Bid of $0.30, and a CPA Goal of $1.00.

App Store Search Ad Settings

Results (45 Days Later)

I spent $25.75 of the promo credit, with 6,132 impressions, 505 taps and 54 conversions. The app is $1.99.

App Store Search Ads Results

Compared to iAd WorkBench (2013)

I spent $49.92 (of my own money, not a promo credit), with 257,715 impressions, 168 taps, and 3 conversions. The app is free.

iAd Workbench Results

(Note: The app I advertised in 2013 was a free game, and the app I’m advertising on the new platform is a paid keyboard app).

This is the first advertising network that I have made any profit.


I have tried Facebook ads, Google Ads, iAd Workbench Ads, and direct advertising contracts with related sites. This is the first advertising network that I have made any profit.

What do you think? Have you had similar results? What’s you’re opinion on scaling App Store Search Ads?